Sunday, December 21, 2008

"RV vacations in the desert," equals "satanists kill your dog"

Having said that, If I should dissapear at some point during the year, one might want to start looking for me here. You can stay in a yacht-converted-trailer, listen to old timey music, and literally travel back in time, a la, "Somewhere in Time." Just to heighten the experience I'll bring along a VHS tape of "Race with the Devil." Learn more about Bisbee, Arizona, runner-up for "Americas Quirkiest Town."

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Teresa said...

Linds- I can't believe you referenced one of my favorite movie- 'Somewhere in Time'- proof that true love really exists and lasts a lifetime.. I was just listening to the theme song today while cleaning:) OMG- did I just show my true colors?